1. Please provide us with a brief bio of yourself and your background.

My name is Giorgos Volikas, I was born in Athens on September 25, 1991 and I am a Greek music composer.

My first personal album “Genesis” has been released in Greece, as well as abroad, including ten personal instrumental compositions.

The melody and the piano have a leading role in my music!

An important moment in my music career is my distinction at the Global Music Awards, an International American music competition, winning the Silver Medal with my composition "Nektar" (Category: Instrumental Music) and the Bronze Medal with my composition "Dystopia" (Category: Composition/Composer).

My compositions have been broadcasted by television and radio stations in Europe, America and Australia.

From time to time, the newspapers: “The National Herald” in New York, “The Kosmos” in Sidney, “The Montreal Greek Times” in Montreal and “China Greece Times” (Greek-Chinese newspaper), have mentioned my artistic work.

I have presented my compositions in Megaron-The Athens Concert Hall, in the festival “Manos Xadjidakis” in Xanthi, in “Aegean Arts International Festival” in Crete, in Poros Arts Festival, while I have also composed music for the Official Advertising Campaign of the Association “The Good Samaritan-of the Abused Woman and Child” and theatrical performances.

My composition “Genesis” has framed part of the television show “Me Areti kai Tolmi” (with Virtue and Boldness) on the Greek Broadcasting Corporation (ERT 1), directed by Tasos Birsim.

You can find out more about me on my website: giorgosvolikas.gr

2. What led you to become a talent/artist/influencer/performer?

Composing music, for me, is a means of expression. When I compose music it's like I'm narrating a story. Through this story, I have the opportunity to express my feelings.

3. Tell us more about your studio/company/academy.

I am a freelancer music composer doing what I really love!

4. What skills have you learned that will help you in your result and/or performance?

Besides the talent which an artist may possess, it is critical that he improves his skills through the guidance of his teachers.
My teachers in composition and orchestration, Giannis Anninos, Stavros Kartakis and Michael Andritsopoulos have helped very much in my musical development and I would like to thank them!

5. What is your own definition of an impressive performance/show/masterpiece?

At my concerts, most of the time the audience who listens to my music doesn't know my work. It's very important for me if only a note from my compositions reaches it. I always try to create images and emotions to the audience with my music.

6. What is your creative or ideation process like?

I never think: "Now I'm going to compose music". For me, inspiration comes from God and I just transfer that on the piano.
I believe that it is not the music composer that chooses the moment of inspiration, but rather it is the inspiration that chooses if and when it will reach the composer.

7. What has been the best performance of your career so far?

The best performance of my career was when I presented my piano compositions at Megaron - The Athens Concert Hall, in Greece.

8. Describe the worst performance you have seen. What would you change about it?

When an artist has truly worked hard, I don't believe that we can judge whether a performance is good or not. We can only say if it touched us or not. Each performance has its own audience.

9. Congratulations! As the winner of LIT Talent Awards, what does it mean to you, or your team, to receive this honor?

Firstly, I would like to sincerely thank you for this honor! It is very important for me that I had the chance to participate in these awards, so more people could get to know me better through my music.

10. How has winning an international awards help promote you and/or your masterpiece?

It certainly is a great moment in my music career! Every day, I try with small, slow and steady steps to keep becoming better. I would like to congratulate all the participants and wish them from the bottom of my heart to keep following their dreams!

11. What are the challenges, for your winning entry, that you faced?

I believe that presenting my own compositions, the majority of which are unfamiliar to the audience, was a big challenge for me.

12. What advise you will give to those who are in the same industry and/or are interested with your craft?

I would advise any person to study and keep developing himself/herself every day in order to pursue his/her goals.
I would also like to give some advice to the parents of aspiring artists. It is very important for their children that they truly believe in them, as my parents did and continue to do to this day.

13. Who inspired you in your life, and why?

Music became a natural part of my life ever since I can remember. I have been surely influenced and inspired from the great Greek composers, like Mikis Theodorakis, Manos Hadjidakis, Vangelis Papathanasiou and many others.

14. Who do you admire and what did he/she do that motivated you?

Without a second thought, my parents are by my side and motivate me every day!

15. Who would you most like to collaborate with?

There are so many artists who I would like to collaborate with... Time will tell!

16. What is the key that made you succeed? Any parting words of wisdom?

I am still making my first professional steps in music. It's important to be patient, humble and hard-working in order to hope that your work will last in time.

17. What is your upcoming masterpiece, that you’re currently preparing, about?

I am currently preparing my second personal album, which will include my new instrumental compositions.

18. If you could change anything about the entire industry, what would it be?

It would make a big difference if new artists were given more chances to present their work.
The audience will judge if their work is something to be remembered.

Winning Entry

LIT Music Awards  - Giorgos Volikas - Music Composer

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Instrumentals Performance - Best Music Composer

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