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LIT Music Awards Panel

At the core of the LIT Music Awards stands a distinguished conclave of visionaries —the Grand Jury Panel. Each member is a paragon of musical mastery, drawn from different fields of the international music scene.

This illustrious assembly represents the pinnacle of music industry expertise, each bringing decades of experience, unparalleled skill, and a profound understanding of music's evolving landscape. They are the vanguards from renowned agencies, virtuosos whose performances have touched millions.

Together, they nurture the future of music by recognizing brilliance and potential. The LIT Music Awards salutes the Grand Jury Panel for their pivotal role in orchestrating this symphony of excellence. Their verdicts are not merely decisions, but affirmations of the extraordinary in music.

United States

Zhiyi Wang

Director of Music Composition , Leon Fleisher Academy

Zhiyi Wang is a highly acclaimed composer who has received multiple awards in the realms of film, contemporary classical, and pop music. Wang played a pivotal role in the music team for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, where Wang created various musical compositions for the Opening Ceremony.

Wang compositions have been interpreted by celebrated artists including Yuri Bashmet, Sarah Brightman, and Lang Lang, as well as performed by ensembles and orchestras spanning North America, Europe, and Asia. Wang holds voting memberships with both the Recording Academy and the World Soundtrack Academy, and Wang contributes to the Tencent Wave Music Committee.

Wang has garnered top honors in international composition competitions and received prestigious accolades for outstanding contributions to the field. Wang dedication to the industry is further demonstrated by his involvement as a jury member and Wang’s active role as a speaker in educational endeavors.

United States


Producer,Director,Composer,Orchestrator,Arranger,Programmer,Pianist, Singer and Conductor

Shumile holds multiple roles in the "Exotic Dimensions" music project, including producer, director, composer, orchestrator, arranger, programmer, pianist, vocalist, conductor, as well as recording and editing engineer. This project is celebrated for its fusion of various music styles, blending pop, classical/film score, electronic, and traditional music from cultures around the world, such as Irish, Scottish, Greek, African, Arabic, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Spanish, and Russian.

In addition to her extensive musical talents, she also serves as the director and scriptwriter for the music videos associated with this project. A graduate of Berklee College of Music with a major in Film Scoring, Shumile has conducted the East Coast Scoring Orchestra for her project and collaborated with a diverse group of traditional instrumentalists and vocalists from 16 different countries.

Shumile is extraordinary in her field, seamlessly blending an extensive range of musical styles and cultural influences into a cohesive and innovative sound.

United States

Sophia Agranovich

Concert Pianist, Recording Artist and Educator , Armonioso Music, Watchung Arts Center, Music Educators Association

Sophia Agranovich, a multi-award-winning pianist, recording artist, educator, and artistic director, is lauded as "a bold, daring pianist in the tradition of the Golden Age Romantics" , "a tigress of the keyboard" by Fanfare magazine, and "one of the most accomplished classical pianists of her day" by OneWorld Music Radio. Her performances are praised for "orison of uncommon beauty" by Audiophile, "interpretation that dares to be different", and "magnificent shading and superior musicianship" by American Record Guide.

As a Steinway Artist, Sophia Agranovich has graced concert stages across the USA, Europe, Israel, and Canada. Recent solo performances include concerts at the Pennautier Festival and Juan-les-Pins in France, where she premiered compositions dedicated to her by Françoise Choveaux, as well as invitations to China and Brazil. Among her notable venues are David Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, Merkin Hall, Bargemusic, Salle Cortot, Théâtre Na Loba, Teatro di Marcello, Kaiser Hall, Ehrbarsaal, and Gesellschaft für Musiktheater. Agranovich has collaborated with prominent musicians, award-winning Emmy, Grammy, and Billboard top 10 artists, and members of major orchestras.

Sophia Agranovich's 11-album discography has received rave critical acclaim. Her recordings encompass a diverse range of repertoire, and are consistently charting in the top 10 across all musical genres on One World Music Radio and World Top Radio Airplay Charts.

Agranovich's musical accolades include First Place Wins at the Ukrainian Young Artists Competition (now the Mykola Lysenko International Competition), Bergen Philharmonic Competition, and The American Prize in Piano Solo. She is the recipient of numerous awards, including multiple Gold and Silver Medals by Global Music Awards, Gold Medals by Prestige Music Awards, Best Instrumentalist by InterContinental Music Awards, Marquis Lifetime Achievement and Top Professional awards, among others. Her recordings and live concerts are broadcast worldwide, reaching audiences in Brazil, Canada, Berlin, Munich, Rome, New Zealand, Ivory Coast, London, Tokyo, Osaka, Paris, Tel-Aviv, and across the United States. She was featured at WMNR Fine Arts Radio, NPR WLPR-FM “Art on the Air”, Grand101.1 FM, WQXR Greene Space live with Elliott Forrest, on WWFM “Between the Keys” with Jed Distler, WWFM “Piano Matters” and WQXR “Reflections from the Keyboard” with David Dubal.
Born in Ukraine, Sophia Agranovich won the Mykola Lysenko International Competition at just 10 years old. Her concerts were broadcasted nationally. Agranovich studied with esteemed teachers Anna Stolarevich and Alexander Edelmann, peers of Vladimir Horowitz in the class of Felix Blumenfeld and disciples of Heinrich Neuhaus. She later continued her studies at the Juilliard School in New York, under legendary professors Sascha Gorodnitzki and Nadia Reisenberg, earning Bachelor and Master Degrees with full scholarship and a Fellowship teaching Piano Minor at Juilliard. She deferred her pursuit of a Doctorate at Columbia University to raise a family, which led her to a successful 23-year career in Information Technology and studies in naturopathy and holistic disciplines.

Sophia Agranovich is an esteemed pedagogue and recipient of numerous teaching awards. Her students have achieved top prizes in regional, national, and international competitions, performing at notable venues. Agranovich is listed in "Who's Who in America" and "Who's Who in the World". She is a voting member of NARAS, GrammyU Mentor, Artistic Director of the classical music series at the Watchung Arts Center, and Program Chair of the Music Educators Association of New Jersey.

United States

Paloma Leyes

Choreographer , Palomaleyes

Paloma Leyes is a young Argentine artist, dancer, model and actress. She was born on September 20, 2004 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since she was a child, she has received academic training in various dances, including classical, jazz, reggaeton and hip hop; currently arriving to rhythms such as street dance and heels. She's been awarded Best Female Dancer by LIT Talent Awards, she's been featured on Billboard, CMTV and other major publications.

Both brands and companies, as well as artists, see in her a person capable of transcending the screen and reaching a mass audience. Her participation and work can be seen reflected in her portfolio, with an organic growth of followers in her social networks.

Today she is one of the most important figures of Leyes Media, she continues her improvement with the best and most recognized teachers in Argentina.

United States

Rhiannon Bahree

Recording Artist, Songwriter, Engineer, Producer, Musician, Composer , Rhia

Born in Australia to Indian and Australian parents, Rhiannon, named after a Fleetwood Mac song, began her music career early. She recorded background vocals for Australian Idol, performed in major shows, and collaborated with various producers in Melbourne, gaining significant experience.

Bahree's talents extend to writing, producing, and placing songs in films, TV shows, and commercials, achieving millions of views on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and The Oprah Winfrey Network.

She has also shared her insights on Berklee panels alongside writers for artists like Miley Cyrus and Nelly Furtado, and participated in The Great American Song Contest with renowned songwriters Pat Pattison (John Mayer), Pamela Phillips-Oland (Whitney Houston), and Dennis R. Sinnott (Director of EMI Music Publishing, associated with Paul McCartney and The Rolling Stones).

United States

Asuka Uchida

Classical Singer

Asuka Uchida is a world-renowned classical singer.

Uchida has distinguished herself with several notable performances in oratorio soprano solos, including Bach's "Magnificat," Handel's "Messiah," and Mozart's "Vesperae solennes de confessore." She was featured in a solo recital under the auspices of the Belle Sylvester Recital Series in New York. Among her most esteemed accomplishments is her performance for the Japanese ambassador and also participated in a collaborative concert at St. Catherine Church in Kiev, Ukraine. The concert was met with widespread acclaim and a full audience, which subsequently led to an invitation to perform at the Lviv Philharmonic in Ukraine in 2020.

Following her European engagements, she embarked on a tour of Japan, performing in the "Drama in the City" concert series in Tokyo in 2019. She harbors a profound passion for connecting with audiences worldwide through the universal language of music, vividly expressing the depths of human emotion and experience.


Kerry Martin

Media Personality, Brand Ambassador, Influencer, Event Host , Radio Africa Group Kenya

Kerry Martin, the distinctive voice behind Radio Homeboyz's narratives, is not just a radio presenter; he's your companion on a musical odyssey.

With a skillful blend of rhythms and lyrics, he crafts an experience that transcends musical genres. Whether it's the groove that moves you or the lyrics that resonate with your soul, join him on the airwaves for a one-of-a-kind, soul-stirring journey. Beyond the radio waves, you can catch him at BoxPod, where he engages in captivating conversations that extend the art of storytelling beyond the realm of music.

Proudly wearing the hat of a Johnnie Walker brand ambassador, he's dedicated to spreading positivity and celebrating life's journey. Martin's dedication to the world of radio goes beyond the ordinary; he's committed to curating a musical experience that deeply connects with listeners. His passion for storytelling through music and engaging conversations at BoxPod reflects his unwavering commitment to creating meaningful and soul-enriching content.

United States

Victor Abarca

YouTuber and Digital Entrepreneur , House of VA

Victor Abarca, a Spanish digital entrepreneur and content creator residing in New York, shares his unique perspective on the tech industry with his audience through a lifestyle-oriented approach.

With an impressive track record, he has garnered over 112,980,062 views on his YouTube channel and boasts a dedicated following of over 120k on Instagram. In addition to creating YouTube content centered around technology and lifestyle, Abarca hosts the highly popular podcast "Café con Victor," which has become one of the most widely listened-to podcasts in Spain, Mexico, and Argentina.

Abarca's unwavering dedication to sharing his insights on the technology world through various multimedia platforms is evident in his prolific content creation and engaged audience. His ability to seamlessly blend tech topics with lifestyle elements showcases his expertise in effectively communicating complex subjects to a broad audience. His success amassed a significant viewership on YouTube and established a highly popular podcast underscores his exceptional talent.

United States


Recording Artist, Video Director, Songwriter and Novelist

Lachi is a recording artist, acclaimed director, songwriter, and novelist residing in New York City.

Her musical compositions have gained exposure on global television, radio, and in feature films, earning recognition in notable publications such as the New York Times, HuffPost, NPR, and Oprah Radio. Lachi has taken center stage in creating songs for prominent projects under labels like SONY, Universal, EDM.com, and Warner, showcasing the breadth of her influence in the music industry.

Lachi commands respect in her industry through her talents as a recording artist, director, and advocate, earning accolades for her contributions. Her membership in influential committees and advocacy groups, coupled with recognition in publications. As a committee member advocating for the Grammys and a member of the Respectability National Women's Speaker's Bureau on Disability Inclusion, Lachi stands as a influential voice championing advocacy in the arts and promoting the representation of individuals with disabilities in the media.

United States

Brian Katona

CEO, Emmy Award-Winning Composer and Orchestrator , EMLA

Brian Katona, the CEO of EMLA, is a celebrated as an Emmy award-winning composer, orchestrator, arranger, and conductor, showcasing his exceptional talent and leadership in both the business and artistic realms.

With a wealth of experience and proficiency in diverse fields, Katona has honed her skills and knowledge to become a versatile expert. Her multifaceted expertise not only encompasses technology and curriculum development but also extends to the art of engaging students, the nuances of music education, and the strategic leadership required for effective educational initiatives.

Katona is a prominent figure in the realms of education, music, and technology, boasting substantial expertise in both K–12 and Higher Education sectors. Renowned for exceptional communication abilities, encompassing strong listening and presentation skills, he has demonstrated a consistent track record of surpassing goals even when facing stringent time constraints.

United States

Natalie Jean

Singer, Songwriter and Performer , Natalie Jean Music

Natalie Jean is a celebrated singer/songwriter and performer who has received multiple nominations and awards. She is also a recognized Voting Member of the Recording Academy, known for the GRAMMYS.

Jean's musical skills span genres like Jazz, Pop, R&B, and more, influenced by icons like Lena Horne and Billie Holiday. She has performed at various venues in MD/DC and other U.S. cities and appeared on Washington DC's Jazz station WPFW. Her work has garnered over 100 nominations and multiple awards, and she has released six albums, including "Obsession" and "Haiti Mwen Renmenw."

She has also put out a number of singles. Additionally, she hosts the "Chatting with Nat" show on the SIMRadio Network and co-founded Sisters In Music (SIM). This organization is dedicated to fostering education, collaborative music projects, and performances among women, aiming to increase awareness and funds for charities centered on women's issues.

United States

Nicki Kris

CEO, Singer and Songwriter , Nicki Kris Music & Sisters In Music

Nicki Kris is a renowned singer and songwriter as well as the CEO of Nicki Kris Music based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Kris’s music has garnered international acclaim, with her original compositions appearing in award-winning films, TV shows, and on radio stations across the globe. For the past eight years, she has been consistently listed on the official Grammy Awards ballot in various categories. Additionally, as a vocalist and collaborator on projects by other artists, Nicki recently achieved recognition as a Billboard-charting artist with her contribution to the Contemporary Blues Album "Devil Is Back" by Oliver Sean feat. The Real Indie Project.

Her powerful diva-style voice, reminiscent of artists like Pink and Adele, as well as rock legends like Pat Benatar and Stevie Nicks, coupled with her modern songwriting, marks her as a rising talent. She also hosts the engaging "Mixing It with Nicki Kris" on the SIMRadio Network.

United States

Samya Mohamed

Lifestyle Content Creator

"Samya Takes Over" is a prominent social media blog that critiques top beauty products on the market, establishing Samya Mohamed as a leading figure in fashion, beauty, fitness, and lifestyle.

She is renowned for her product reviews and has served as a brand ambassador for numerous prestigious brands, including Beautycon, Hourglass Cosmetics, and L’Oreal Paris, among others. Her collaborations have ranged from cosmetics and fitness to food and jewelry, emphasizing non-toxic, cruelty-free products made from high-quality ingredients. Recently, StarCentral Magazine featured Samya, delving into her impactful career in the beauty sector.

Her dedication to the beauty industry is exemplified by her meticulous reviews and collaborations with an extensive array of high-profile brands, showcasing her commitment to quality and innovation. Her passion for promoting non-toxic and cruelty-free beauty products highlights her advocacy for ethical practices. This fervor drives her blog and positions her as a pivotal influencer, inspiring her followers to embrace conscious lifestyle choices.

United States

Gary A. Edwards


Gary A.Edwards is a composer of classical, musical theatre and film music based in Idaho.

A.Edwards’s prolific portfolio includes eight musicals, an opera, three screenplays, two concertos, and countless compositions. He orchestrated a Tribute to Mildred Bailey concert, transcribing and conducting the entire program. As the playwright and composer in residence at Ignite Theater in Spokane Valley, Washington, his influence extends. His acclaimed album, "Wataino," is a collaboration with co-writer Orlando Sanchez, a virtuoso hand-percussion player who has performed alongside music icons like Stevie Wonder and Donna Summers, as well as contributing to Disney World's music production over several years.

He's composed a wide range of music genres, from jazz to rock, R&B, gospel, and country. His music has resonated with ensembles across the globe, from Washington to Argentina and beyond. He's also had the honor of performing with both the Spokane and Louisville Symphonies.


Johnny Ward

Blogger , One Step 4 Ward

Johnny Ward is a renowned international blogger 'One Step 4 Ward'.

Ward gained fame in the blogging sphere by accomplishing the rare feat of visiting every country in the world, simultaneously achieving millionaire status through his blogging endeavors. Subsequently, he initiated a non-profit dedicated to creating sustainable projects in developing communities globally, all while striving to be the first individual to visit every country, reach the North and South Poles, and conquer the Seven Summits.

His insatiable passion for exploration serves as a dynamic catalyst, kindling a fervor for adventure in those who follow his remarkable journey. Through vivid storytelling and immersive experiences, he not only sparks the flame of wanderlust but also cultivates a deep-seated desire for transformative encounters. His narrative not only celebrates the thrill of discovery but also underscores the profound personal growth that comes with navigating the world's diverse landscapes, inspiring individuals to embrace the voyage.


Anaya Kunst (AnayaMusic)

Composer, Producer and Singer

Anaya Kunst is an internationally acclaimed composer, producer, and singer who has received prestigious awards for her sublime work.

Kunst combines her proficiency in computer science with a profound comprehension of universal spirituality to establish a fusion of technology and sensory experiences at the core of her creations. Her commitment lies in enhancing human spirituality through music, addressing a collective desire for harmony, unity, and equilibrium shared by people worldwide. Her musical odyssey commenced with her exploration of the guitar and piano, paving the way for extensive years devoted to composing and independently producing her albums.

Her exceptionally distinctive global background encompasses a journey across the world as a Brazilian pop music performer, as well as employment with both the University of Brazil and the United Nations in the capacity of an Information System Specialist.


Alexey Pudinov

Co-Founder of Multiple Chamber Music Festivals , AD Festival Days Manchester

Alex Pudinov, a versatile musician, has co-founded multiple chamber music festivals in Manchester, UK, and is also a co-founder of TWO4PIANO and the Frankfurt Piano Trio.

His broad artistic interests extend to his passion for design and photography. His dedication to the importance of music education is evidenced by the multiple music degrees he has earned from institutions such as Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt (Germany), Royal College of Music London (UK), and Royal Northern College of Music Manchester (UK). He is a multifaceted musician whose creative vision encompasses a performance career and a role in arts leadership.

He collaborates with globally acclaimed musicians like Lara Boschkor, Jonathan Crow, Benedict Klöckner, Johannes Moser, Konstantin Soukhovetski, and the Eliot Quartet. Lately, he's performed across three continents and joined prestigious festivals.


Katerina Moskaleva

Concert Pianist and Chamber Musician , Piano duo TWO4PIANO and Piano Trio MOSAIKTRIO

Katerina Moskaleva has gained recognition as a celebrated concert pianist and is also known as a chamber musician in both Piano duo TWO4PIANO and Piano Trio MOSAIKTRIO.

Moskaleva has been greatly influenced by one of her prominent mentors, Lilya Zilberstein, who collaborated with Martha Argerich in a duo. She has achieved numerous accolades, including triumphs in international competitions that features her gifted talent in piano as well as participating in a competition focused on marginalized music.

She has participated in various festivals, such as the Rheingau Music Festival, the SoundSPAPE Festival in Italy, the Musik på Bosjökloster in Sweden, and the Puplinge Classique Festival in Switzerland. Her boundless talent is evident in her involvement with young orchestras like the Junge Norddeutsche Philharmonie, her role in establishing several chamber music ensembles, and her collaboration with diverse artists in dance projects and theatrical performances, such as those held at the Schauspiel Frankfurt.


Miguel Bareilles

Composer , Miguel Bareilles Studio

Miguel Bareilles is a world-renowned composer.

Starting piano at seven with Evi Zwillinger de Giangrante, Bareilles studied at Buenos Aires' National Conservatory of Music "Carlos López Buchardo" and the "Instituto Superior de Música Popular". Since 1981, he's performed often as a soloist at Buenos Aires' "Leopoldo Lugones" theatre, where he premiered his "Pequeña Sonatina Bonaerense".

He has created numerous symphonies, a violin concerto, and a variety of symphonic pieces. Yet, his primary emphasis is on chamber music, with standout works including "Grande Sonate Tanguistique", "Toccata Camila", "Folkkata" (a concerto-style toccata), "Agua" for guitar and string quartet, "Secretos de Buenos Aires" (a concert suite), and "Casandriana", among others. Bareilles' performances have been televised live on Chinese TV. Additionally, he has directed and produced approximately twenty music videos showcasing his compositions. Since 2012, these videos have been regularly aired on the Arpeggio TV channel of TDA in Argentina.

United States

Brendan Amoruso

Founder, Producer and Video Editor , Luna Lyte

Brendan Amoruso, the creator of Luna Lyte, is a seasoned producer and video editor with a decade of expertise in crafting content for various mediums, including advertisements, documentaries, case studies, and feature films.

His distinctive artistic approach has gained global recognition and accolades, paving the way for collaborations with musicians, innovators, and artists. These partnerships aim to bring their fervor and transformative creations to life on screen, spanning across commercial projects, live events, and digital marketing initiatives.

In his view, the art of editing plays a pivotal role in determining the success or failure of a production, be it a podcast or a pilot. Frequently, he discovers innovative solutions during the course of a project, many of which only come to light through the process of experimentation and learning from mistakes.


Roman Miroshnichenko

Guitarist, Compose and Producer , Roman Miroshnichenko Studio

Roman Miroshnichenko soaring career as an artist includes numerous collective performances and recordings with world-renowned musicians, such as: Steve Vai, Larry Coryell, Al Di Meola, Jennifer Batten, Simon Phillips, Marco Mendoza, Stu Hamm, Heather Headley, Paul Wertico, Gary Husband, Djivan Gasparyan, Joao Donato, Richie Cole, Dominique Di Piazza, and Daniel “Pipi“ Piazzolla, to name a few.

He is the official artist/endorser of the Italian company IK Multimedia, Japanese company Roland Music, Swiss company Schertler SA, British company Orange Amps, and American companies: Paul Reed Smith Guitars, Ovation Guitars, and D’Addario & Company Inc.

Miroshnichenko has received a total of 30 nominations with 10 wins in multiple international songwriting contests and music awards throughout 2010-2020. He harbors a deep passion for music, dedicating his free time to exploring and understanding diverse musical genres and their cultural impacts. His commitment to music extends beyond mere appreciation, reflecting his dedication to this artistic form.


Anastasia Vedyakova (An Vedi)

Soloist of the Philharmonic, Musician, Violinist, Composer and Chamber Music Performer

Anastasia Vedyakova, often known as An Vedi, is a globally celebrated artist, excelling as a musician, violinist, composer, chamber music performer, and singer-songwriter.

With over 25 years on stage, she is a prominent member of various musical organizations, including BMI, the International Singer-Songwriters Association, and others. Her versatility as a violinist encompasses more than 700 pieces in her performance repertoire, while her composition skills extend to over 100 works for orchestra, choir, chamber ensembles, and individual instruments. Furthermore, as a singer-songwriter, she has crafted an impressive catalog of over 300 songs.

Starting in 2018, Vedyakova has been leading master classes for aspiring musicians using her unique approach, which has garnered approval from educators in schools, colleges, and universities. She is also engaged in vibrant collaborations with members of the Recording Academy, including Grammy-nominated and Grammy-winning artists.


Jae Leong

Judging Committee Chairperson , International Awards Associate (IAA)

Jae Leong is the accomplished chairperson of IAA’s extensive judging committee.

As the chairperson, Leong assumes a leadership role, guiding the organization and spearheading initiatives to uphold quality and creative excellence in critical areas such as design, creative advertising, marketing communications, video production, and business. Additionally, she serves as a key award representative at IAA, consistently demonstrating success in overseeing assessments throughout her career.

She prioritizes the coordination of strategic arrangements among various jury panels, establishing herself as a standout figure in the industry. Demonstrating a keen sense of management, Leong has executed her role with precision, ensuring that each participant receives fair evaluations and unbiased assessments, underscoring the significance of integrity in maintaining the credibility of the judging outcomes. Furthermore, her collaboration with professionals globally has positioned her at the forefront of specialization, enabling the development of exceptional communication and relationship management skills.


Isabel Villagar

Director and Vocal Coach , Vocal Center Spain

Isabel Villagar is the director of the delegation of the Spanish Association of Teachers of Singing (AEPC) and a renowned vocal coach.

She is actively involved in children's choirs and has introduced a methodological proposal based on the Kodály method titled "Vivo Cantando: Coro En Las Enseñanzas Musicales." Currently serving as the chorus conductor for "Cor Infantil de Castelló," she is also the author of several successful publications, including the e-book "Claves de la voz y el canto para el artista del siglo XXI," the best-selling "Guía práctica para cantar” and more! Her interest extends to the recovery of Spanish and Latin American composer repertoire.

As the leader of "La brújula del canto" (with 3 million visits), she actively addresses voice and singing-related issues, significantly contributing to the dissemination of information in Spanish. She spearheads initiatives like the Day of the Voice and Singing in Castellón.


Rigante Iury Sergio

DJ, Music Producer and Sound Designer , Yurierre

Rigante Iury Sergio, with over 25 years in the music industry, launched his career with a single made with a French DJ and an Israeli singer that gained international success. He collaborates with renowned artists such as Fabrizio Bosso and Petra Magoni.

His extensive musical knowledge and experience have enabled him to serve as a consultant for elite hotels and clubs. He produces for global labels, scouting talent, and often self-producing.

Collaborating with notable international musicians, some of whom manage as well, he produces across diverse genres, seeks out new talents, manages their careers, and is eager for new partnerships with reputable individuals or brands. His extensive musical knowledge and experience have enabled him to serve as a consultant for elite hotels and clubs. He produces for global labels, scouting talent, and often self-producing. His determination shines through in his relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation in music, never settling for mediocrity.


John Khoo

CEO and Director , MADDspace

John Koo serves as the Founder and Vocal Director of the Singapore Children's and Youth Show Choir.

At the age of 13, he clinched the Champion title in a SCV Song Challenge, earning the opportunity to share the stage with local pop sensation Tanya Chua at the National Day Parade in 2000. Beyond his role as a pianist and vocalist, he embarked on his choral conducting journey at the early age of 19. Presently, he holds the positions of director at Glee Studios and Vocal Director for the Singapore Children's and Youth Show Choir.

Passionate about nurturing young performers in Performing Arts, Koo, an outstanding vocal teacher in Hong Kong, has coached students to success in international. His students achieved distinction as the top South East Asia entry in the Beijing Arts Festival, highlighting Koo's significant impact on fostering artistic talent and creativity.


Reiko Nomura

Composer, Pianist

Reiko Nomura, a talented Japanese composer and pianist with expertise in film scoring, is currently based in Sofia, Bulgaria, and Tokyo, Japan.

Nomura's musical odyssey commenced when she was just three years old, mastering the electronic organ, and by age ten, she was already composing for the Yamaha Junior Original Concert (JOC). She further broadened her musical prowess by mastering the piano and synthesizer and later furthered her education at a Conducting Institute. Reiko relocated to Los Angeles a few years ago to perform with a band. She pursued and acquired qualifications in art therapy, a discipline close to her heart, and now applies this therapeutic approach in senior centers, children's workshops, and through personal sessions, sharing the healing power of music.

Nomura's unwavering dedication to her art is evident in her diverse musical endeavors, spanning from early compositions to international performances and her commitment to using music as a therapeutic tool.


Kailena Van de Nes

Entrepreneur, Founder and Choreographer , KV Dance Studio

Kailena Van de Nes is an entrepreneur, founder and the choreographer of KV Dance Studio.

Raised in various corners of the globe, including Brazil, Panama, Aruba, and Canada, her dance training is a testament to the influence of her diverse upbringing. With 15 years dedicated to teaching dance and managing her studio in the Nation's Capital, she has meticulously honed her skills in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, and a range of ballroom styles. Committed to continuous improvement, she annually enhances her dance education by actively participating in conventions and training workshops across Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and New York City.

Devoted to her craft, de Nes exemplifies unwavering dedication, consistently striving for excellence in the realm of dance. n her continuous pursuit of growth, she not only betters herself but also passionately imparts her expanding expertise, ensuring a dynamic and enriched learning experience for her students.