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Meg Pfeiffer & Luca Stricagnoli


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Designing their first-ever album ‘Unsent’ together on a foundation of genre defying blends, Meg Pfeiffer and Luca Stricagnoli are both award-winning and internationally recognized music artists who have been accentuating the entertainment industry since adolescence.

As a husband and wife duo possessing over 200M music video views collectively and playing 100+ shows together annually, Meg and Luca feature an extensive background in creating mold-breaking music that goes beyond just the ears.

From Meg's captivating voice and lyrical ambiance to Luca's world-class guitarist status that helped pioneer the modern evolution of the acoustic guitar, this couple is exceptionally passionate about blending creative forces to enhance the entire music listening experience via a new soulful style.

This, in conjunction with their inventory of successes as solo artists and innate love for breaking music creation chains (which is also demonstrated in their award-winning song Machine), make it quite exciting to see how their iconic ‘Unsent’ album will propel the entire entertainment industry forward even more.

Being artists with philanthropic motives, 100% of the income from all downloads and streams of the Unsent album will be donated to CANCER RESEARCH.


Singer/Songwriter, Music Producer and Director
Meg Pfeiffer
Guitarist, Inventor and Producer
Luca Stricagnoli
Sound Engineer, Music Producer
Matthias Fischer
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Matt B

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Vitae Records

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